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June 23, 2019 (this coming Sunday)
How Blessed Do You Want to Be? [part 6]
The blessings of living for the Lord

June 16, 2019
Get Connected Stay Connected
Joe Lawson
John 15:1-8

June 9, 2019
How Blessed Do You Want to Be? [part 5]
The blessings of gathering
Psalm 84:1-12

June 2, 2019
How Blessed Do You Want to Be? [part 4]
The blessings of God when we care for others
Psalm 41:1-13

May  6, 2019
Who's Your One [part 5]
YOUR ONE: the value of laboring for the Lord
John 1:40-42

May 19, 2019
Who's Your One [part 4]
YOUR ONE: the fate of the unsaved
Luke 16:19-31